Honeycomb Valley Farm

Honeycomb Valley Farm

As most of you would already know, I am lucky enough to be an ambassador of The Daily Organic (a website designed to bring together organic businesses into one central directory to make it easier for people find one in their local area).

One of the jobs as an ambassador is to review products of new businesses being listed, to see the level of quality of the products and to help promote them within the industry.

I do want to say first and foremost, I don’t get paid to do this. I do this for the love of helping small businesses to grow. I also put my honest opinions into all of my reviews. The review is not only to benefit the business, but also to you as my readers.

Now that’s out of the way, lets get onto the fun stuff… The review of Honeycomb Valley Farm!

Honeycomb Valley Farm is located about 3 hours north of Sydney, where they offer farm stay type accommodation, tours, make their own “Farmerceuticals”, food and cooking products, offer beekeeping DVDs, write their own children’s books and so much more. They are honestly just one amazing farm. I got lost on their site for over an hour, just scrolling through all their products and farm activities. And to think, little ol’ me got the lucky opportunity to review some of their products. I was feeling so blessed.

The word that first came into my mind when I opened my package was “wow.” Everything was packaged beautifully. The second thing I did was read through the ingredients of all the products and recognised every single thing listed. There were no chemical nasties, no additives, no weird preservatives and all of it natural, some organic, some raw and most of it coming from the farm itself. It already had my thumbs up from the get go.

The first thing I tried was the honey mustard. I was so excited for this. It smelled delicious as soon as I opened it. I used it to make this Honey Mustard Chicken Recipe and it worked wonderfully. I honestly could not fault it at all. My boyfriend is not a “sauce person” and he went for seconds. Amazing!

The second thing I tried was the vanilla infused honey. I used it in my Natural Skin Care Recipes and it worked really well. I also had it straight out of the jar on it’s own. Beautiful! The vanilla taste is simply wonderful in it. I’m saving it to have on my oats on grey mornings. It would be the perfect touch I think!

The third thing I tried was the loose leaf teas. The wild hibiscus Rosella tea had a lovely sweet flavour, looked beautiful and gave the tea a gorgeous colour.

The Uplift tea also looked great, but the rosemary and ginger taste was quite strong. I like subtle teas, so it wasn’t for me. The boyfriend liked it though. So it’s a personal preference thing.

My favourite by miles was the Minty Myrtle. I love spearmint teas, so this one was right up my alley. Subtle, cooling and soothing on the throat and stomach and all round beautiful! When it finishes, that will be the first thing I order.

The lip balm would also be on the list of things to order. It is packed full of natural ingredients, and it tastes and smells minty and sweet. And the best part about it is, you only need a very small amount. The small tub will last you for quite some time I think. Perfect for those of you wanting good quality beauty products while on a budget.

The soaps were the last I tried. Not because they didn’t look amazing, but simply because I’m not a “soap person.” I just haven’t had good experiences with soap. My skin is quite sensitive and soap tends to make it feel “squeaky” and dry it out. But these were made with raw goats milk right from their farm so I gave it a go.

Initially, it felt a bit squeaky on my skin in the shower. I was feeling apprehensive. But when I got out and dried my skin, I noticed how soft my skin was. And NOT dry. It had moisture about it and felt really nice. I was pleasantly surprised. I think it may have just converted me back to soap use!

As you can see, I thoroughly enjoyed almost all their products. The only thing I didn’t like was the Uplift tea, but that wasn’t due to quality, it was just due to personal taste.

I enjoyed everything so much that the boyfriend and I are actually planning to take a visit to their farm later this year to stay for a weekend. I’m so excited! I can’t wait to see where the products came from and tour their farm!

If any of this interests you, please do check out their website here. They also have a Facebook page here and an Instagram page (@honeycombvalleyfarm). Please show them some well deserved love, and support their little farm.

Laura xx.