Beauty Food Bible Honest Review - Basic Health Talk

Beauty Food Bible Honest Review - Basic Health Talk

Published in Beauty on 11th December 2014

Beauty Food Bible by Tracy Patterson

BFB is for Beauty Food Bible. This helps us to know how our food affects our appearance, our beauty in fact. That there is a relation between what we eat and how we appear is not new info for us. We know that quite well.

Let us have a look at this BFB, initially I and several of my friends thought it is going to be another fraud, since there have been so many products with lots of ads in the market about weight loss, diet,skincare and even adding yoga on top of that. As my own experience goes, I can tell you( and maybe, you also know that too well) that all those aids for weight loss, getting a slim beauty appearance were all just too much of marketing tricks and ploys. So that is the mind set with which I approached this new Beauty Food Bible too.

Here the Beauty Food Bible that we are looking is that by Tracy Patterson. She is on the frequency of making you and me look, younger than what we really are at; may be up to about seven years? Sounds too good to be however Tracy is a good writer and she can put it across quite well. She has the habit of touching upon her life style and appearance and that makes the Beauty Food Bible a better read for us.

Some recent feedbacks and surveys from customers have shown this Beauty Food Bible as if it is having an 100% rating. Again that sounds too good, but that is what it comes with: namely, credible and validated claims, indeed.

This Beauty Food Bible has a list of recipes to enhance the quality and appearance of the skin, which is a major problem for us. Though some philosophers may say that beauty is not skin deep, that is what it takes when our life counts. It has been reported these products, mentioned by Tracy, have really done a good job and many women seem to be quite content. The skin treatment approach is positive and quite result oriented, in modern management jargon.

The author has also brought out only the skin deep and transient nature of other conventional treatments such as creams and scrubbing, Botox and stuff like that. Too much money down the drain and no permanent solution, says Tracy authentically with feedback. There are nearly fifty simple recipes given by the author in this book under a

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