47-year old Tanya C., a native Detroiter and Cody High School class of 85 alumni started her yoga journey roughly six years ago. She was searching for a workout that would be consistent with working her mind, body, soul and spirit. Yoga was the answer she was looking for, but not the ordinary yoga we think of. Some time ago, her twin sister Sonya introduced her to a different type of yoga known as “Kundalini Yoga”. According to the Kundalini Research Institute, Kundalini Yoga, taught by Yogi Bhajan, is considered one of the most comprehensive yoga traditions; it combines meditation, mantra or song, physical exercises, and breathing techniques.

Her sister introduced her to Kundalini Yoga for Beginners & Beyond DVD by Ana Brett & Ravi Singh which can be purchased at Tanya states that, “Kundalini Yoga has transformed my life and challenged me on a mental and physical level”. She goes on to say that, Kundalini Yoga also challenges her on a spiritual level. Although she confesses her love for aerobics and kettle ball workouts, she affirms that those workouts only satisfied her on a physical level. She acknowledges that yoga had taught her balance; teaching her to put herself first while giving her well-deserved confidence. Because yoga workouts are fundamental to core strengthening, the lower back pain she once experienced has been virtually eliminated since Kundalini Yoga helps her maintain spinal healing.

Tanya never thought she could ever be happy practicing yoga because of how intimidating she thought the poses were. She simply thought they were too advanced for her body, however; she did her due diligence, found the right Kundalini Yoga workout for her body and stuck with it. After a while, she fell in love with the way she felt. Tanya decided to complete a 40-day Kundalini Yoga journey; she admits that yoga has helped her tap into her true self. She believes the benefits of yoga are numerous and cover a broad range of physical, emotional, and wellness issues. Practicing yoga also helps her sleep better, it calms her mind and helps to relieve stress and anxiety, it is also excellent for weight loss; the benefits of yoga goes on and on. Additionally, it has also helped her make healthier food choices. Like most people who practice yoga, Tanya believes that yoga is a mind and body practice, she is on her ninth day of her 40-day journey and discloses that she is feeling great.

When we look to start our journey to physical fitness and good health, it all begins with that first step. Find something you enjoy as Tanya did with Kundalini Yoga. Take baby steps if you have to and whatever you do, don’t look back.