Join the revolution with the new

Join the revolution with the new

Join the revolution with the new Shred Diet

It seems that each time you stroll past the men’s and women’s magazines in a grocery store checkout line, you get a glimpse of a brand new diet or exercise fad that is guaranteed to let you drop twenty pounds or acquire killer six-pack abs without changing a single aspect of your life. The reason that the vast majority of diet plans fail, however, is that many people do not understand some of the simple mechanisms by which your body works. If you do not change up any aspects of your life, why should your metabolism increase and your waist shrink? This is the secret behind the Shred the Revolutionary Diet from Dr. Ian Smith. This diet plan is not about keeping the same routine at all — just the opposite, in fact, since Shred dictates that you need to fool your body into losing weight.

Shred the revolutionary diet by Dr. Ian Smith coined the 6 weeks 4 inches 2 sizes diet
Shred: 6 weeks 4 inches 2 sizes!

New Shred Diet, Never Let Your Metabolism Know What Comes Next

Have you ever seen an advertisement for workout plans like p90x? They advocate never doing the same workout twice, in order to prevent your body from growing accustomed to it and generating decreasing returns. The same principle that applies to growing muscle also applies to your metabolism. By keeping your body guessing, you keep it burning away calories at the most efficient rate possible. This system authored by Dr. Smith boasts that in 6 weeks 4 inches 2 sizes can melt off your body. While there are some basics that dieters may be familiar with — no fatty salad dressings or bacon garnishes, for instance, the majority of it is a permutation of the foods you already eat. Since it takes place in only a month and a half, furthermore, it produces results quickly enough to take pride in your achievement.

What Is In A Shred Meal Plan?

Shred the Revolutionary Diet began when Dr. Ian Smith noticed a colleague losing weight quickly by constantly changing up her dieting plan. After seeing her quickly drop a quarter of her body fat, the doctor understood that the metabolism kept adjusting to the new demands placed on it by a varied diet, and kept running at a very high level. The actual content of the meals, however, did not differ very highly from a typical person’s meal plan, including “cheat” options like eggs and cheese. Dr. Smith began experimenting with switching up meal plans and came to the conclusions you may find in his book.

How To Cheat Yourself And Lose Weight

One of the central pillars of the Shred system is to eat constantly in small quantities. One of the biggest problem facing most dieters is the fallacy of eating three times a day, a tradition that is difficult to shake but provides no real health benefits. Anyone who limits themselves to the timeline of breakfast-lunch-dinner tends to end up overeating because they have to wait so long for the next meal. By eating smaller meals at more frequent intervals, you have less ability and desire to splurge at each meal. The Shred plan, as such, as numbered meals rather than breakfasts or dinners, with the first numbered meal containing traditional breakfast entrees like omelets and oatmeal, while the middle meals contain servings of meat and veggies with larger caloric boundaries.

Dr. Ian Smith explains It’s Not All About Diet

One reason that many diets fail, is that they only address the calories coming in. If you have an office job and spend your free time in front of the TV, you will not lose much weight on any diet. Shred advocates exercising several times per week in order to maintain a calorie-burning metabolism and let the nutrition take its course. There are guidelines for exercise but Dr. Ian Smith never maintains a maximum, meaning that the more a person does, the better their results will be.

Timelines Of the 6 weeks 4 inches 2 sizes diet

On the path to 6 weeks 4 inches 2 sizes of weight loss, there are different cycles. Week two, for instance, is “challenge”, which necessitates cutting down on calorie amounts in order to gain greater self-control and feel better about yourself. Week six is “explode”, in which you prepare your body for higher degrees of performance in exercise. Since the meals and workouts are planned deliberately for every day, down to the smallest detail, Shred the Revolutionary Diet allows anyone to tailor their schedule to lose weight without gimmicks.